There are several different types of Omega-3 fatty acids. Now some people are so conditioned to want to stick to a low fat, no fat diet that they get scared when they see the words “fatty acid.” Have no fear. These fatty acids do not make you fat. Your body needs certain fats to convert into hormones for your overall health. If you don’t get the right fats and enough [...]

For quite a while now, it has been a buzz that fish oil can fight against heart disease, but are there enough evidences to support such claims? How much fish oil in take does one need to be fully “heart disease-free”? Is there even such a state where you are 100% heart disease proof? From the article written by Dr. Darya Pino (click here to see full article), There is, [...]

If you are all ready to buy Omega-3 capsules to supplement and boost your immune system and decrease your risk factors of heart disease, here is a place to buy where the company is giving bonus vitamins. Vitamin C (Enhanced) and Vitamin D3.  Get more details. Omega-3 fish oil is the best selling non-vitamin and non-mineral dietary supplement on the market today. One health panel discussion at a national health [...]

The Omega-3 Protocol Here is an Omega-3 twist. You will find doctors endorsing Krill oil. You will find doctors endorsing branded Norwegian Omega-3s. Dr. Mehmet Oz always prescribes High DHA Omega-3. How about the nutritionists at one site that proposes that all three major types of Omega-3s have a purpose? That’s what you will find here. 1 part Norwegian premium grade fish oil – for long lasting Omega-3 integration and [...]

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