Heart Disease Risk Factors:

The chart on the right shows the CDC’s list of heart disease risk factors that lead to death.  These risks factors are mostly under our control by our decisions, choices and habits. It’s possible through Therapeutic Lifestyle
Changes to reduce and reverse risks factors without using pharmaceutical drugs. Our view is that drugs are the last resort and for acute circumstances, not for sustenance. Hippocrates said in 416 BC, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine, thy food.”  Consider:

  • Inactivity can be reversed by activity. (Can it really be that simple?)
  • Obesity can be brought under control by eating better, more nutritious food, concentrating on high vegetable, beans, legumes and protein content, eliminating highly refined carbs. Slow burning carbs are great!
  • The Super Food Omega-3s will moderate blood pressure spikes, modulate cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides. See NIH.gov article.
  • Low carb, slow carb and exercise can help stave off  Diabetes type II.
  • Cigarettes? Don’t smoke. Smoking cessation programs are available for free.
  • It’s Time to Get Healthy! The supplements listed below are an easy first step and will go a long way in helping with and healing deficiencies.

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